Cargo In The Blood | The Reverse Is Also True, a deluxe limited edition multiple focusing on the art works made for Nine Inch Nails’ Hesitation Marks album is now available to purchase.
Produced in a limited edition of 2000 Cargo In The Blood includes a five colour 320 page fully illustrated hardback book showing all the works made for the commission with interpretative texts and essays charting the ideas behind and processes used in each work. Each also contains an original mixed media work framed in Corten steel and a uniquely coded etched Corten Steel plate. Every copy is encased in a folding suede portfolio measuring 15” x 13” x 2”. Each cover features debossed and foil stamped typography and has been hand cauterized. The book has been printed with metallic silver and 4 colour printing UV inks.
Cargo In The Blood will be available to order on 16th December at 10.00 am (Pacific Time). Priced at $300.00 it can be ordered through and
Cargo In The Blood will ship from USA in late December and from the UK in mid January 2016.
To document the inspiration and process behind the artwork of Cargo In The Blood and Mills’ previous collaboration with Nine Inch Nails on The Downward Spiral, filmmaker Charles Leek has created a fascinating short documentary film containing exclusive footage and access to the artist, which can be viewed by clicking the button below


Mills has enjoyed a special relationship with Nine Inch Nails since first contacted by Trent Reznor and NIN’s then designer Gary Talpas in 1994. That first conference call exchange led to Mills producing a raft of mixed media works towards uses on the The Downward Spiral album, which was released to great acclaim in 1994. This was quickly followed by commissions for the first single from the album, The March of The Pigs, also released in 1994. A cover for the remix album Further Down The Spiral was then commissioned and created against a tight deadline in 1995. Work for the packaging of Closure, a double video of live footage, followed in 1997: the videos also included works made for The Downward Spiral. 
A hiatus of 15 years passed before Trent reestablished contact in late December 2012 to check whether Mills might be willing and able to 
undertake another body of work for a project that, at the time, was still merely 

tentative and that might not actually materialise: this became the Hesitation Marks album, released in 2013. Characteristically Mills became totally immersed in the commission, producing over 30 new works for possible use. Working in close collaboration with NIN designer Rob Sheridan, Hesitation Marks was released in multiple versions, each using different artworks made by Mills and several singles were also released each utilising new artworks. 
Following on from Hesitation Marks Reznor invited Mills to create a limited edition multiple that would act as a focus for all 
the works made for the album. Working with Jeff Anderson of Artist-In-Residence, Mills has been developing this work since July/August 2013. The multiple, which is to be called Cargo In The Blood (The Reverse Is Also True) will include a 320 page 5 colour hardback book, and will be available in early to mid 2014.