New Nine Inch Nails related Limited Edition Prints

Mills has prepared two new limited edition prints from numerous artworks that were made towards possible uses on various Nine Inch Nails’ releases, but for various reasons were not incorporated in the final packaging. Liquid History was made towards possible use on the Nine Inch Nails’ seminal Downward Spiral release of 1994, and Spiral Revolve was made towards possible use on the packaging for NIN’s Closure video release of 1997. Air Cage, Semaphore Wings, Burning the Letters, Feminine Silver and Ground Vanished are still available.

SECOND THOUGHTS. 30 mm x 50 mm



About Second Thoughts

This series were made using and capitalising on excess paints and other materials unconsciously created on surfaces after works have been removed; a sort of forensic examination of what’s left after a work has been removed from the site of its making; like the scene of a crime from which the primary focus of investigation, be it a body or missing possessions, have been removed, leaving only the traces of what might have happened.


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